Friday 21 October 2011

Feature Album for October - Check out the theme for the reception - very original

I love it when people are not scared to be themselves and express who they are. This album is just beautiful, all soft and romantic with a beautiful bride and stunning beach location. Then you turn the page and arrive at the reception and it just makes me smile, I so love to see people being themselves who ever they are.

Monday 17 October 2011

Getting to know Angela Dick - feature photographer for October

Name  Angela Dick

Business/Employer   Angela Dick Photography

How many years have you been taking photos     14yrs

Favourite Camera     EOS 7D

Which do you prefer when editing   peace and quiet

Favourite Movie                    Point Break

Favourite Type of Photo Shoot        wedding
Comment Options are usually endless at a wedding, a bride in all her glory & of
course the wonderful groom among family & friends celebrating their day, what
more could you ask for.

What do you drink with dinner                      water

Are you a tea or coffee person                    neither

What do you love about Chocolate Beige Designs? Mel is fantastic & a great
designer to boot!

Ang is behind the beautiful images that are in our feature layout of the month for October. As this is such a lovely album it is also going to be out feature album of the month so stay tuned to see more.

Online Album Proofing – The benefits to your clients

There are lots of ways to proof an album design. But there is only one way to make sure the design is seen for its true potential.
In the past, photographers would make an appointment for clients to come to their studio and view the album design on screen. Then as technology became friendlier, photographers would print the album pages to a PDF file and email or write it to a CD for the clients to view at home.
The only problem with these options is that they all take extra time, money, effort and are honestly, just a little outdated!
The album design can only be truly appreciated through an online proofing system. The clients get sent a link to the proof website, where miraculously they can see their album exactly the way it will be printed. They can also share the link with family and friends who once they have seen the beautiful images and album design may become future clients.
There the client has the opportunity to add any comments or desired alterations directly onto each page using the comments box provided. There is no risk of missing or mixing up the comments and the client feels completely in control of the outcome.  
The online proofing site also has an approval system, using email which comes directly back to the designer or photographer, indicating that the album has been approved or that comments have been added.
This then provides both client and photographer with a written record of either the changes required or that the proof is ready to go to print. The file can be viewed as many times as they like and there is no extra cost involved.
The additional benefit is that the online proofing site can be custom-matched to your own website so that it looks like an extension of your business.
The online proofing system I subscribe to is called ‘Album Exposure’. Check them out and see the benefits to you and your clients for yourself.
Give me a shout if you need a little help understanding how it works. It really is a simple and win-win solution for all of us.
Mel x

Tuesday 4 October 2011

Feature layout of the month - October 2011

Now to be honest this is a bit of an unusual choice for me. As most of you will probably know I am personally not a huge fan of mixing images of different colour effects, colour should be with colour and black and white should be with black and white, you get the picture. So when I came across all of these absolutely stunning images of this stunning bride all with a mixture of colour effects and a limited number of pages to use them in an album I was a bit what to do, what to do, as we all know I love everything to match match match.

So I took the leap and mixed them all together and to be honest I absolutely love the outcome, I think it is the beautiful soft green in the main images which really ties it all together along with the fact that all the images are similar but still a little different. Great images Ang from Angela Dick Photography.

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