Thursday 8 April 2021

Linen Cover Embossing

Have you ordered one of our linen album covers with embossing as yet?

I am so in love with embossing, it has such an elegant, warm, traditional feel to it. 

Did you know the use of embossing can be traced back as far as the 15th century where stamping plates were heated and used for the creation of personalised stationery 💌

This is one of my favourite linen + embossing combinations = Buttermilk Linen + Gold Embossing ❤️

On a completely different note how is the juggling act that is school holidays going? 

I totally understand it can be a challenge at times, trust me if your munchkins are little it absolutely does get easier, my munchkins are big hairy things now taller than me at 15 and 18 and I promise the school holidays get a whole lot easier.  

But how wonderful is it to be able to work from home and juggle time with loved ones around working on something you love and are passionate about. Enjoy 🥰

❤️ Mel

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