Thursday 15 February 2018


Here at Chocolate Beige Designs we are lucky to design lots of beautiful albums, so sometimes all of that beautifulness blends in together and everything is just well beautiful. But every now and then we design an album that is even more beautiful then normal and Capture T Moments new studio display album staring Cindy & Scott is just that, even more beautiful then normal, simply stunning to be honest.

images by Capture T Moment


I absolutely love Tannyr & Mitch's wedding and how they celebrate the coming together of two nationalities, what a beautiful celebration. 8x11 flushmount album, images by Kendra Oxendale Photography, Minnesota.

Album Cover

images by Kendra Oxendale Photography

Friday 9 February 2018


As we all scramble to differentiate ourselves from our competitors in our chosen industry professional, personalised client gifts are becoming more and more popular. Clients want to feel valued and appreciated not like just another number to clock up for the month on the sales tally.

The real estate industry is no exception, with a house generally being the most expensive purchase a person will make in their lifetime. A house is also one of the very few material possessions a person will truely becoming emotionally attached too. A home is the place of many special occasions, growing a family, 5th birthday parties, getting ready for the first day of school, getting dressed up for prom or graduation and all the millions of milestones in between. Saying a sad final goodbye to the family dog, young adults moving out to start their own lives and empty nesters rebuilding a new life, all of these things take place in the family home, the family home whose family is now moving on but taking with them their precious memories from their much loved family home.

As you can see selling a family home is a big deal, huge in fact and clients want to be made feel special and appreciated for trusting there chosen real estate agent to look after and guide them through this special and emotional transaction.

So what better way to thank your clients for trusting you then with a beautiful album featuring photos of their much loved family home.

Images by Phil Winterton Photography

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