Monday 27 June 2011

Portrait Albums – Kids, catch them now before they grow up.

Kids, my goodness how quick they grow up. I have two young boys of my own ages 8 and 5 and it feels like only a heart beat ago I was changing nappies and singing High 5. Now we are spending time at the skate bowl and discussing which bearings are better for scooters.

So it was so nice to design this album of a beautiful young girl, to catch her as she is now, at that special time of being a kid before starting on the adventure into the world of being a teenager.

Album Cover

Images by Nancy Morrison @ Morrsion Photography

Album Specs: Type – Photobook, Pages – Layflat, Size – 10x10, Cover - Photocover

Wednesday 15 June 2011

Getting to know Lee-Ann Wilson - Feature Photographer for June.

    Name  Lee-Ann Wilson
    Business/Employer  Lee-Ann Wilson Photography

    How many years have you been taking photos  10 professionally
    Favourite Camera  Canon 5D MKII

    Which do you prefer when editing  Peace and quiet

    Favourite Movie  Bridges Of Maddison County

    Favourite Type of Photo Shoot  Wedding - Everyone is happy!

    What do you drink with dinner  Chardonnay

    Are you a tea or coffee person  Coffee

    What do you love about Chocolate Beige Designs  Great designs!
    (It is easier to design great layouts when we have beautiful images to work with like
    yours Lee-Ann)

    Just a small selection of layouts from just one of the many albums we have designed
    for Lee-Ann which we love.

Wednesday 8 June 2011

Wedding Album Design – Have you factored in the cost.

Well, here comes the end of another financial year hurtling toward us! Who could believe that just a few short months ago we were busy looking at our calendars and booking events in for the 12 months ahead? Now all of a sudden June is upon us.
It is a good time though to assess how the business is going and also where the business is headed. Most photographers I know spend time at the end of the financial year reassessing their pricing policies and other elements of their business plans.
So it’s the perfect opportunity to make sure that when you set prices, you factor in all facets of the packages that you offer. For instance, a wedding which was booked early this year for February 2012 may have been sold to the couple at last year’s (2010/11) prices. To make sure you haven’t undersold your product, you not only have to price to allow for increases in things you have no control over like CPI and equipment increases; but you also have to factor into your pricing things you do have control over, like additional shoot locations and travel, and the all important ‘pièce de résistance’ – the album design!
So, to ensure you don’t miss the album design boat and end up having to spend your own valuable time and profit on design, factor in the costs now. It isn’t a huge component of the budget, and we can help you make the right decision by giving you a design fee guide.
So simple! The benefits of reassessing pricing once a year far outweigh the costs. If you need some help or information about including album designing in your prices, just give me a call. My door is always open.
Mel x

Wednesday 1 June 2011

One Very Happy Wedding Album Designer

Our very first feature layout of the month on our shiny new blog. Very exciting.

I recently had one of my lovely photographers place an order for a new album. The email read something like

 “I would like a 12x12 album and I am going to leave everything
else up to you, design, style, number of pages, cover everything,
 go for it and have fun.”

I got goose bumps.

I love designing albums with all of my clients but when an opportunity like this comes along I am like a pig in mud. So this is one of my absolute favourites from the album, so clean, simple, modern and very elegant. Fingers crossed I will be able to share the rest of the album with you all soon. Pretty please Rach?

Images by Right Image Photography.

The layout will be featured on the welcome page of our website
 and also at the top of our blog for the month of June.

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